How to UnECM Files

Why ECM? Well the ECM compression removes a lot of specific data that can be re-added later, by doing this your ECM'd file will be substantially smaller. This helps in a few ways, 1. The file is smaller thus will download in a shorter amount of time, 2. The file is smaller thus quicker to upload, and lastly 3. It saves considerable amount of space on the server's hard drives and saves a good amount of bandwidth. It's a no-brainer way to save time and space!

This process will guide you on how to UnECM any files you come across. I have also included screenshots from my computer to help you out. In this demo, we are using ECM Tool with Final Fantasy VII Disc 3 zipped. I've also included another tool you can download, Pakk ISO, which automates everything. If you fail to figure this out, download that and you should be good to go!


ECM Tool [Download] or Pakk ISO [Download]

Step by Step Guide

Step 1

Have the unECM.exe and the ROM (the ECM file or the ZIP, here we are using a ZIPPED File) in the same folder. Right-click the ROM. Click open with WinZip (see screenshots).

Step 2

WinZip should now be open. Left-click the ROM to Drag n' Drop into the folder. An extraction window will open (see screenshots).

Step 3

Next, left-click the extracted ROM and Drag n' Drop it into the UnECM.exe. A window prompt may pop up, if it does Click Run (I'm using Windows XP, Vista/7 may say "Allow", see screenshots).

Step 4

A Command Prompt (Black Window) will appear. At the bottom, it will shows Decoding: Pecent%, when it reaches 100% the window will disappear and your file will be created (see screenshots).
That's it! If everything worked, congratulations. You now have a playable ROM. Wooo hooo!


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