How to Install an APK File With Any Android Device

How to Install an APK File
If you need to install a 3rd party (outside of Google Play) APK or let's be honest, a pirated APK file because you're cheap ;-) -- you will have to install the APK manually. If you are not tech savvy or lack the technical knowledge, this guide will help you successfully install an apk file in no time. Most Android devices by default block this and you will have to modify in the settings to allow it. It is blocked for your protection against harmful APKs but in our case, is just preventing us from installing APKs manually. If you get a message like "Install Blocked", go to Settings > Applications > check the box which says Unknown Sources. This varies per phone but it always in the phone settings.

Step 1: Helpful Tools

In my experience, it is easier to have a file manager, the one I recommend is Astro File Manager. It helps with thethe organization and management of the files within your Android Device. In the Android Emulation Community, a file manager is one of the necessities (enables .ZIP recognition as well). It is highly recommended to get a file manager, seriously, download it!

Step 2: Install APK

Now that you have the File Manager, you need to get the APK to your device if it isnt already. There are many ways to do this, such as:
  • Email yourself the file and then open the email on your Android device
  • Upload the file to your Google Drive, then open Google Drive on your Android Device
  • Transfer the file with your USB connected to your PC to your phone
If the APK was downloaded through your phone, you tech savvy individual, then you can ignore the list above and just go to your 'Top Task Notificiation Menu Thing' and select Package Installer. If you downloaded it but it's not in your menu anymore, just locate the APK file by opening up Astro File manager, then browsing to the files location (usually /sdcard/download. Once you've located the file, hold or double click the file and select Install APK. Sometimes the wording may vary pending on what version you have of Astro but you get the general idea. After the install is completed, simply click 'Open File' or go to your application menu and locate the app. That's it, honestly. Super easy.

If by some chance you still are lost, I made a video walktrhough for the APK Install process below (it's kinda old, motorola droid 1 FTW). If you liked this tutorial, please be sure to like and share it with your friends and family :).



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